Cursed Treasure

Cursed TreasureAfter a long period, a fascination tower defense game has finally showed up. Are you curious to know about it? Be swift to enter Cursed Treasure to discover awesome things there! In this game, players will be in charge of a mysterious island’s protector. The main mission is to help that place to destroy all the approaching enemies.

Importantly, can you see a chest with full of precious gems? Don’t ever let the enemies come close and steal them. Firstly, let’s plan a logical strategy, and then, purchase some powerful defensive towers. Place them in the suitable locations in order to attack the hostiles automatically. The more enemies you defeat, the more coins will be added to the budget. Use the coins to purchase more advanced turrets or upgrade the current ones. Don’t forget to use magic spell to expand the area to have more spot for placing protection system. Hope you succeed!

How to play

Use only the left mouse to interact with this game.


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