Crush The Castle 2

Crush The Castle 2

Dear game lovers! Get ready to solve all the puzzles of Crush The Castle 2 – the next saga of Crush The Castle, which is also listed as a puzzle and physics game? For sure, every challenge here will dazzle you at any cost. Here we go!

At the first sight, it is easy to realize that the cool game is nicely featured with a lot of imposing images and an interesting content. Different levels are also designed as lands having castles, towers, knights, and noble people. The main goal is to destruct such the buildings so that all the knights and noble ones are crushed down. How? Don’t get worried! The game gives you a catapult that is applied to throw the logs at the targets. Just exactly aim and release the best throws. Though the number of logs is unlimited, it is highly advisable that the only one should be fired for more scores.

While spending time on enjoying Crush The Castle 2, you never feel regretful! Play for fun!

How to play

Play Crush The Castle 2 with the mouse only.


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