Crazy Flasher 3

Crazy Flasher 3

Hello, everyone! The newest chapter of Crazy Flasher is now in front of you, and it is waiting to be unearthed. Nimbly land on Crazy Flasher 3 and start eradicating all the rebels to rescue the peaceful village from their gruesome onslaught! There is no doubt that you are all amused at this duty. Come on!

After jumping into the playfield, you are assumed to be a strong and excellent hero who does not accept any failure. Then, consider training himself, making deals on equipment items, and honing his skills for the battle against the hostiles. First of all, steer the protagonist toward the dominated village and then detect the rebels. Once they appear one by one, instantly activate the equipment items and essential weapons to beat them up. Dash, punch, or kick them whenever you are on an advantageous condition! By the way, avoid their strikes at any cost!

Good luck to you in Crazy Flasher 3!

How to play

Go with the WASD keys.
Attack with the B key.
Jump with the N key.
Use specials with the M key.
Choose weapons with the spacebar key.


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