Contra Flash

Contra FlashHi gamers! Are you looking for a multiplayer game which allows you to play against your friend or lover? If the answer is yes, Contra Flash is an ideal choice for you. It is an extremely stormy two player game that will attract you guys immediately. Once setting foot here, you will be Bill and Lance, two armed commandos of the National Army.

A terrorist organization called Red Falcon is planning to invade the Earth. Therefore, you guys will be sent to destroy them all and stop their cruel plot. There are many obstacles along the way, such as rock, stone, waterfall, lava, and so on. Both of you have to run, jump, or slide over these obstacles to clean your way to Red Falcon Headquarter. Use the guns to shoot the enemies. Are you ready? Let’s go.


Controls for player 1: WASD keys for movement.
J key for shooting.
K key for jumping.
Controls for player 2: Arrow keys for movement.
1 key for shooting.
2 key for jumping.


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