Comic Stars Fighting

Comic Stars FightingWithout doubt, most fighting games with dramatic and impressive kung fu performances are designed for young boys because they have a tendency to experience something strong and active. Comic Stars Fighting belongs to this game genre. Then, now it’s the right time to penetrate deep into the game’s content, all guys!

Comic Stars Fighting is interestingly related to fighting competitions taking place in a city, a forest, a desert, or strange lands. Each player needs to choose a possible character for themselves before stepping in the arena. Later, show basic, unique, and prominent kung fu performances to knock out the opponents. Let him kick, punch, hit, smash, or dash right after the opponents arrive. Try not to let your energy bar run out before all of them are defeated, or you will lose the game. Have fun!

How to play

Player 1.
The arrow keys are for moving around.
The 123456 keys are to attack.
Player 2.
The ASDW keys are to move, and the JKLUIO keys are to attack.


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