City Siege 3 FUBAR Level Pack

City Siege 3: FUBAR Level Pack

Hello, everyone! City Siege 3 FUBAR Level Pack is a good chance to become a hero of places surrounded by hordes of conquers. Get ready to fulfill the task? Let’s go!

As a brand-new update, the game will inspire its players with 30 new levels, new baddie bunkers, and new troops. How incredible it is! Like its precious chapters, you must eliminate all foes from every level as well as carry out other suggested tasks (rescuing citizens, collecting coins, stars, and other valuable items, etc.). The soldier with a gun in his hand is the protagonist. Please instruct him to move ahead, deal with all dangerous rivals, and finish the in-game quest. Don’t forget to make deals on upgrades to hone his strength and grant him more equipment items.

City Siege 3 FUBAR Level Pack welcomes you all to play and enjoy! Here we go!

How to play

ASDW keys: Walk around.
The left mouse: Aim and shoot.


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