Bullet Defense

Bullet DefenseIf you’re a fan of tower defense game, you should try playing Bullet Defense at this time. What can you receive from this cool game? There is no time for waiting and thinking. Let’s go with us now! This game includes 9 challenges from easy to hard. Now, players need to complete each challenge with different requests. Firstly, the most important task is to intercept all of the renters who try to break away.

So, players should be quick to set up a group of necessary towers to prevent them. All are available and below the screen. Just use the mouse to pick up each and then place all along the road. Keep in mind not to let any renter escape successfully; otherwise, the game will be over immediately. Therefore, the players should show their best ability to cut off the renters’ escape successfully. Believe in yourself, guys? Time to try and good luck to you!

How to play

The game is played with the mouse.


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