BoxHead More Rooms

Box Head - More Rooms

Dare to encounter and solve all challenges in BoxHead More Rooms with a perfect result? Let your ability manifest itself by entering the playground instantly! Let’s discover!

The game’s idea and background will shock you at the first sight! This new chapter contains a lot of different rooms that should be well defended from the conquest of scary zombies. A countless number of critters are infiltrating into every room. Please keep the role of a shooter who is good at slaughtering them all. Get access each of the rooms, walk around every area, detect the contenders’ positions, and use the provided weapon to beat all of them up. Just because the Bosses own powerful strengths, you can find it stressful to cope with them. That’s why you should form an excellent strategy before encountering them.

Be brave and confident with all tasks given by BoxHead More Rooms! Let’s go!

How to play

Shoot with the spacebar key.
Roam around by the arrow keys.
Alter weapons by the 1-9 keys.


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