Bomb It

Bomb ItRemember the classic bomber man game – a game sort primarily concentrating on placing bombs to destroy everything, collecting power-ups, and coping with enemies? If yes, you will be absolutely amused at Bomb It, which is originally another version of the classic bomber man. Push your hesitancy aside to step into Bomb It and enjoy it now, guys!

In this game, steering a little robot around each maze to destroy blocks along with uncovering bonuses and collect them is the chief mission. Those valuable bonuses are Push Bomb, Rocket, Minebomb, Shields, Bigger Explosion, Grenades, and more. The only challenge here is that the enemy robots are also trying to put lots of bombs with the aim of breaking their surroundings and killing the protagonist. Be careful when going through them since he has just 3 lives to travel around the maze. Good luck!

How to play

The spacebar is to place bombs.
The arrow keys are for movement.


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