Bomb It 2

Bomb It 2

Bomb It 2 is believed to be a cool edition with more remarkable graphics and thrilling challenges. Have never played it before? No time to waste anymore! Come here!

Like the previous chapter, this game will be split into different levels from the ease to difficulty. At that time, each level is designed as an exciting maze full of obstacles, enemy robots, and precious items, i.e. frogs, shields, gloves, mega-bombs, speed boosters, flame throwers, double shotguns, race cars, hammers, and more. Your objective is to drop bombs along the roads of the maze to eliminate the blocking obstacles for getting several beneficial items. Plus, setting up the bombs must be smart & strategic so that the enemies will be explored right after moving along the roads.

Now, everything is ready for your action. Hit to play Bomb It 2 instantly!

How to play

Avail the Spacebar to drop bombs.
Utilize the ASDW/arrow keys to move.


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