Bloons is what we want to gift to those who’re seeking the best ambiance to train their shooting skill and make their dream of becoming marksmen in the future come true! As a new and magnetic game, it surely blows your mind at the first glance!

What makes the game outstanding and stunning? Thanks to its colorful and eye-catching balloons, 50 challenging levels, and easy-to-play content, users will encounter no hassle in the game. Each stage will be resolved by exploding a suggested number of balloons in the air. Please highly watch the Target button to know about this number before beginning to play each level. The allotted number of the darts is what the game provides to its players so as to detonate the balloons. Thus, be sharp-eyed and skillful to launch the most splendid shots. Occasionally, the more robust weapons may also be uncovered and gathered from the big devastation. Consider using them to accomplish the current level more easily.

Hurry up to enjoy Bloons and keep all the in-game challenges under control right now!

How to play

Left click is held to play this game.


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