Big Dig Treasure Clickers

Big Dig:Treasure Clickers

Get nimble to land on Big Dig Treasure Clickers to enjoy countless cool things in this game! Come on!

Whenever preparing everything perfectly for the festival, players will suddenly discover lots of treasures underground, like gems, coins, etc. At that time, be quick to click on every square on the ground to explore what’s under there. Gather all coins to add them to the budget. At any time you see the red color, it means that you’ve discovered something useless or priceless. Next, arrive in the festival center to buy items or trade goods with other buyers. Such the advanced machines will help you to perform the task faster and more efficient. Remember to upgrade those items to sharpen your mining and clicking skill.

Alright, set foot to Big Dig Treasure Clickers to check your ability and luck!

How to play

Apply the mouse to carrying out the mission in this game.


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