Battle Gear 2

Battle Gear 2

The next chapter of Battle Gear, namely Battle Gear 2, today gifts its fans the greatest innovations. Each of us is sometimes thirsty for trying an experience of a wise leader or general in the fierce combats with the goal of dominating the world, right? As this is a big dream, our brilliance and cleverness are really necessary. Come on!

As an intelligent leader, you are all commanded to maneuver the home troop so that all the soldier units are able to accomplish the quest of killing the foes and demolishing their bastion. In detail, feel free to click on the panels at the bottom to hire the strongest units and transfer them to the battleground. It’s exciting to recognize that everything is automatic later. The units will automatically advance towards and beat up the targets.

Thus, are you hurried to demonstrate your best tactics and illustrate your leadership? Enter Battle Gear 2 without scruple now! Good luck!

How to play

The left mouse: Maneuver the game.


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