Avatar Arena

Avatar Arena

Grab a new chance to engage in a splendid fighting tournament by landing on Avatar Arena, dear guys! Dozens of thrilling and eye-catching kung fu performances are waiting to be unearthed here. Spend a few minutes to observe them right away!

Before stepping into the arena, you should pick your favorable nation and costume for the main fighter. Each selection shall be done by simply a soothing click. Nothing is greater than leading the fighter to the training area so that he’ll be well trained several crucial skills and powers first. In the training area, please move him ahead and defeat a statue with probable attacks. Next, enter the official campaign to battle against other opponents. Try best to prevail over them for a noble victory. Of course, the loser is the one whose health is quite out first.

Avatar Arena is the cool space for you to experience feelings as a real fighter! Have much fun time!

How to play

Move by the arrow keys.
Launch attacks by the spacebar.


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