Art Of War Omaha

Art-of-war-omaha-AgeOfWarGameOnce you participate in Art of War Omaha, survival is the first and the most important mission. Art of War Omaha consists of 3 levels from easy, normal to brutal. You own different lives for each level. The easy level provides 5 lives; the normal one gives you 3 lives and the most difficult one gives you 1 live.

Whether you choose an easy or hard level, you must be quick and brave not to let enemies knock you out. The battle is extremely harsh and you must take advantage of anything on the ground. When you are running towards opponents, if you see a corpse, you should take it as a shield. Points are counted based on the number of dog tags you collect. These dog tags are taken from fallen soldiers. The more dog tags you pick up, the higher points you gain. It also reflects how good you are. Furthermore, while moving on the battle ground, you ought to watch out obstacles such as barbwire fence.

Hitting these obstacles make you lose your life immediately. Near the bottom of the game field, there is a mini map showing your process. By the way, you avoid shooting at your allies. At some points of time, there are some warnings about which kind of weapons your opponents are going to use. In short, Art of War Omaha is a real battle where you must fight against crowded enemies in order to fight for your survival. There is no place for fear, slowness, or hesitation.

However, something dangerous will bring exciting feelings to us, right? In the game, you try to increase points by collect dog tags from defeated ones and protect yourself with corpses. Let see whether you can over come three levels especially the brutal one or not. Let’s rock and roll!

How to play

You play Art of War Omaha with the mouse.


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