Angry Gran Run

Angry Gran Run

At the asylum, Gran looks despaired and depressed because she does not have permission to get out of here. She feels that the atmosphere of Halloween is surrounding the cool and crazy scenery of the city’s streets. Wait for a minute! You’re exactly the one who can make her dream come true! Land on Angry Gran Run: Halloween and set the game in motion now!

All players are requested to instruct Gran how to dodge obstructions scattered anywhere when running along the streets. Besides, it’s equally essential to turn to the right path at crossroads. By the way, don’t forget to help her pick up treasure skulls for high points as well as unlock new characters for the game. Gamers, of course, find it impossible to take control of her speed. Just make sure that they are flexible, clever, and have the good reflection to have a smooth route.

Have a memorable trip in Angry Gran Run: Halloween! Let’s go!

How to play

Turn by the left and right arrow keys.
Lean by the AD keys.
Jump and slide by the up and down arrow keys.


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