Age of Wonder – The Lost Scrolls

Age of Wonder - The Lost Scrolls

Would you like to unearth the mysterious story within Age of Wonder – The Lost Scrolls? Yes is your ultimate answer? That wonderful game revolves around an old guy who is responsible for bringing the lost scrolls back for his buddies. He is the only person finding a room full of those items. But, it is really intimidating to hand such the items to the buddies because of other obstructions along the way. Feel free to get the puzzle game started right now, guys!

In reference to the in-game target, each player is required to take control over the power & trajectory of shots so that the man is exactly able to throw the lost scrolls at his fellows. Meanwhile, hard planks, flames, spikes, high walls, and other obstacles are also available to prevent his shots; thus, it is best to make use of the available tools and machines to overcome or demolish these difficulties. The lost scrolls are just limited, remember! Be careful, please!

Try your shooting skill by entering Age of Wonder – The Lost Scrolls now! It’s really interesting!

How to play

The whole game is interacted with by using the left mouse.


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