Age of Wonder: Scrolls

Age of Wonder : Scrolls

During Age of Wonder: Scrolls, players will help an old guy deliver many scrolls to his neighbors. There we come!

Terribly! A big storm destroyed nearly everything in a village last night. Right now, they are really in need of a Handbook useful to instruct them what to do to overcome this tough case. Fortunately, there is a man in this area who owns a powerful ability to make the magical scroll. He should deliver each scroll to each villager ideally. If you want to lend him a hand, please use your aiming skill to throw such the miraculous Handbooks to each person’s head. Of course, it is not easy at all to do the task. Players will get over many different challenges and avoid hitting the barriers (high walls, flames, spikes, hard planks, and so on). The number of scrolls is just limited, so please use them wisely.

Okay, enjoy Age of Wonder: Scrolls, and don’t forget to tell us how you feel!

How to play

Throw the scrolls: The mouse only.


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