Age of War

Age of War Are you interested in showing your strategy skills in a war? Age of War is such a game like that. In Age of War game, you seem to take part in many great periods of the mankind. There are 5 ages; the first one is the cavern men’s age. To participate into a war, you have had a right to choose units, turrets and use Special Attack to protect your base and defeat enemies. By making good use of 15 various turrets and 16 units, you will defeat a specific enemy more effectively.

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The Menu bar on the top screen gives you information about selecting turrets or units, building and selling turrets, adding a turret place, evolving to a next age and Special Attack. On two sides of the screen, two bars show health level. If your health level reaches zero, it means you have to stop the game. Knocking out enemies brings XP points to you; even when your units are knocked out, you also gain points. The number of points is shown on the left top of the screen. These points are used to buy units and build turrets. Age of War is split into 5 ages.

Moving to a next age requires XP points. The key to win Age of War is keeping the balance between protecting and fighting. Special Attack is also useful, but it needs time to be used for the second time. Different Special Attacks are in different ages. In brief, you are required to be alive and destroy enemies’ base to move to a next age. The more points you gain, the easier the process is. Let see how you defend as well as attack and how many ages you win! We hope you enjoy Age of War and tell us about your victory.

How to play

The mouse is used to play this game.


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