Age Of War Hacked

Age Of War HackedMany players have said that Age of War is a great game. There is a combination of defense and attack, so it requires players to balance between two of them. Balancing helps you win Age of War Hacked.

The game is cut into 5 ages. If you want to play in a next level, you must get XP points by two ways. Either defeating opponents or getting your units defeated brings you points. Points are used to take more units, build defense and evolve.

The HUD provides 6 pieces of information; they consist of training units, building turrets, selling a turret, adding a turret spot, evolving to a next age and special attacks. Additionally, an energy bar is at each base; if the enemy units hit your base frequently, your energy bar will run out and you will stop the game. About special attacks, one age has one certain special attack.

Once you use a special attack, you must wait a little bit before using it again. These special attacks will support you in decreasing the number of enemies and creating a chance for you to counter-attack. However, you shouldn’t overuse this strategy because it will postpone evolution and create more powerful units. It’s necessary to evolve since you will become stronger. Age of War has 3 levels; they are Normal, Harder and Impossible. You experience different levels with 15 various turrets as well as 16 various units.

In short, you are supposed to protect your base from enemies and defeat your enemy units. By the way, the graphic and music is good. We hope you have great time with Age of War like other players do. Would it be okay if you tell us about which features you feel interested in this game and how many ages you get over?

How to play

Age of War is played with the mouse.


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