Age Of War 8

Age Of War 8If you’re a fan of fighting and strategy games, don’t miss a cool chance to enjoy Age Of War 8 – a new version of the series of Age of War game. It has attracted thousands of gamers all over the world because of its interesting plot as well as new updates. Be curious to discover this cool game? Don’t hesitate anymore! Time to go!

The story started from…
Long time ago, the human race was controlled by the Eternal Queen Etheriea. All of the beings (no matter what human or creatures) lived happily and peacefully. They gave all their strength and enthusiasm to serve the Queen. However, her territory was watched and desired by horrible enemies. They nurtured an evil aim in order to occupy the Realm.

One day, the enemies decided to launch a war and attacked the Queen’s territory. Viefraf the Red – a brave fighter – felt angry and indignant because lots of his friends were killed. He asked for the Queen permission so that he could guide an army of talented soldiers to prevent and annihilate the enemies. What happened next? Let’s continue!

How to play Age Of War 8

The Queen was moved and fired by the fighter’s courageousness; therefore, she agreed to let him go and lead the most powerful army. At this time, players will join in this battle with the Viefraf the Red and become his efficient supporter. But, to carry out the main task effectively, the players should learn some basic things beforehand. Take a look at some instructions here now!

• Firstly, the players will be provided 2 units to participate in the battle. Train the units and send them to the battle. However, keep in mind that they just train a certain number of people for each unit. Look at some buttons at the screen to know in details.
• After that, drag the mouse on the screen and at the same time to click on C key in order to choose all of the units and guide them to move towards the right side. Relying on that, the units and the fighter might come to the enemies’ headquarters soon and defeat them.
• Certainly, all of them will attack automatically. Nonetheless, the players need to observe the situation cautiously so that they can supplement units in time.
• If defeating the headquarters successfully, they will move on to the next levels. Before starting another battle, please add more units and other wonderful updates in order to knock all of the enemies out efficiently.

How’s your feeling, guys? Do you think that you can accomplish the task of this game well? Try playing Age Of War 8 right now and show up your best ability!

How to play

The mouse is the main key to control this game.


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