Age Of War 7

Age Of War 7For those who are fans of battle games, and especially players having ever tasted some versions of the Age Of War series, Age Of War 7 is surely being expected due to its amazing game play. There is not any reason to refuse this wonderful game. Now, spend time on taking yourselves to the former age when wars constantly took place, players! One absorbing thing here is that the players will be offered an occasion of role-playing cool leaders to control their strong army in the fight against various rivals.

Specifically, Age Of War 7 revolves around the story about an epic war taking place for eons. At this age, many of the wars have been shaping continents and creating the World of Epic War. Nevertheless, formidable dark forces have threatened to destroy these entire continents and end this age. Their onslaughts cover many nations of the continents. From here, heroes have appeared to protect their continents and the World of Epic War. As the true heroes, they never fall on their knees in the oppression of the evil forces; instead, shedding the cowardice to fight is the statement performing their strong will in the wars with the enemies. At the moment, coming to Age Of War 7 means that you will become these heroes as well as the excellent commanders through the epic wars.

Age Of War 7 contains some levels designed as battlefields, and before each one begins, the supplied heroes and armies should be properly arranged and equipped. All what each of the players needs to do consist of protecting his fortress, crushing the rivals trying to destroy this base and invading every spot on the game board. Let’s skillfully control such heroes and army ahead so that these forces can slaughter the large number of the forthcoming rivals. Notice, the players will receive the specific amount of gold after each of the battlefield is finished successfully. Spending it on the upgrade page is the good idea to strengthen the players’ army through purchasing the new heroes or spells. A handy tip for unlocking the other strong heroes is to reach the 3rd level.

On the way of fighting, the main character will be able to restore his life again after each time of death. Besides, he can also recover his health when going back to the citadel; unluckily, the enemies’ heads also get this special wonderful ability. Therefore, the more levels or battlefields the players reach, the much more difficulties and challenges they will confront. Try to fight against all of them and gain enough money and EXP for upgrading more power. Try to beat all of the suggested levels for acquiring the victory in Age Of War 7!

How to play

Use the left and right arrow keys or the mouse to move the map to the left and the right.

Use the left mouse to control the heroes and army on the map.


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