Age Of War 6

Age Of War 6Let’s continue struggling against evil forces in Age Of War 6, all fans of the Age Of War series! Just like other editions of this series, the game depicts an epic war taking place during the ancient age. It’s sure that you are getting curious about superheroes, brave fighters or prominent characters appearing in this epic war. Not only that, the dream of becoming leaders of the powerful and special troops in dramatic struggles of your own will come true when you enter Age Of War 6.

Before beginning the game, each of the players must pick out his favorite character who plays a role as a commander in the battlefield from the provided ones including Viegraff The Red, The Rembrant The Bloody, Calp The conqueror and Trevquez De Revierre. Give a look to the following profile of each of the above characters! Viegraff The Red is a fighter whose king and father have been defeated in a rebellion, and reclaiming regions that belong to his family is the biggest intention in his life.

As for The Rembrant The Bloody, he is the son of a former king betrayed by Viegraff’s father, so he usually carves for rebuilding his family dynasty. As a real conqueror, Calp The conqueror never gives up pillaging the wealth of neighboring nations. Trevquez De Revierre is known as the commander of the rebellious army to kill Viegraff’s father, and what he pursues is a new beginning for the region.

When selecting the favorite character, all of the players will see their three companions or allies symbolizing for 3 cards. Besides, before joining into the war, Cards Equipment is a certainly necessary step which should not be missed unless they do not want to have any supports and get the failure soon.

Selecting a random battlefield means that the players are ready to access the epic war. One certain thing is that the ultimate aim of each of the players is not quite different from that of the other editions of the Age Of War series. In other words, the players must conquer spots on the map along with keeping his citadel safe from onslaughts of the opponents by clicking on cards at the top to train units and send them to the battlefield.

After that, these units will automatically advance towards the opponents to slaughter all of them or go back to their citadel to get more orders thanks to the two buttons of forward and retreat on the top. Don’t forget to buy powerful upgrades because these can help to enhance the strength of your attacks to better face up to the increasing number of the opponent’s troops.

Once destroy the enemies’ fortress successfully, the players will see what results and achievements they have already gotten from this war. Then, some upgrades for the allies can be performed before joining in other fighting with other countries. Keep in mind that, the more you get ahead, the harder the obstacles will be. Therefore, to get the final victory, all players should try to set up their clever tactics in order to balance the strength of fighting and defending during every battle. When everything is kept under good control, the victory will not have chance to miss your hand for without doubt.

How to play

Use the left and right arrow keys or the mouse to scroll the map.

Use the left mouse to train units, send them to the map and move them on the map.


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