Age Of War 5

Age Of War 5The story of the game After having already dipped yourselves into violent and dramatic battles of Age Of War 4, would you like to take other challenges emanating from the fifth edition of the Age Of War series? I bet that this game is strong and exciting enough to attract a lot of players. Take time to enjoy it now. As for the story of Age Of War 5, the game is probably considered as a miracle machine since it can lead the players to come back to the age of the ruined world.

At that time, three powers rose from the ashes of the first world, consisting of the resourceful humans, the mighty orcs and the graceful elves. Nevertheless, none of them could dominate all over the world because the dark forces – the hidden shadows of Middle Earth along with the Dark Empire grew up quickly, and soon became threats against all of them. As a consequence, an alliance of the first generation of the humans, the elves and the orcs, called The Sons of Destiny began fighting against the rising shadows. At present, the King of this alliance entrusts the players with the extremely important mission of commanding and training his army to be ready to cope with the dark forces. As courageous leaders, you should accept this mission and start Age Of War 5 right now!

The main objective of the game Age Of War 5 lasts in 18 levels in total, and so as to complete each one, each of the players must devastate the rival’s castle whilst keeping his own castle safe from violent attacks till the end of each of the war. Training soldiers and sending them to the battlefield is the best strategy to fight against the rival’s troops.

Moreover, the cross-bow above the castle should be taken advantage of since it will help to shoot arrows at the forthcoming enemies. In fact, this amazingly useful large weapon will assist the players as well as the soldiers to defend the base (its main purpose) and destroy a lot of the enemies fast in a huge working scale thanks to the powerful arrows. Let’s cleverly adjust this weapon to exactly aim at the targets.

Take a glance at various icons which are symbolic of the given soldiers at the bottom of the map. At the start, the players are provided with the particular number of soldiers and weapons hidden in these icons. Remember that each time the players have a click on each icon, they have to wait a few seconds till this icon recovers for the next use. Try to wisely and strategically use them to beat as many of the enemies as possible to obtain the experience points (EXP). Thanks to this budget, the players can upgrade the strength of the available army and weapons or purchase the new ones.

How to play

Control the army and take the enemies’ fortress down as soon as possible.

Use the arrow keys and the mouse to scroll the map.

Press four arrow keys to aim the cross-bow and the A key to shoot arrows at the enemies.

Use the left mouse to send soldiers to the battlefield.


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