Age Of War 4

Age Of War 4It’s easy to recognize that Age Of War 4 is originally designed as a battle game, so it’s sure that players can not get over dramatic struggles full of cliffhangers between two opposing forces throughout 15 battlefields (15 maps) of the game. In order to beat the foes’ onslaughts and achieve the victory here, it’s necessary that each of the players should pay attention to a following table of contents.

The main aim of Age Of War 4 Don’t forget about a cross-bow which the fortress of the players has been equipped before. Let’s use it to cope with the superior number of the foes. In addition, once experience points (EXP) have increased due to a lot of the killed foes, the players should buy upgrades to enhance the power of their forces such as soldiers, the crossbow and base defenses.

The benefit of some skills and elements in the battlefields

After earning the particular number of the experience points through slaughtering many of the enemies, the players can enter the Skill Upgrade Menu to purchase possible skills. These skills can afford to protect their fortress more efficiently by helping to summon more powerful troops and build the better base defenses. Thus, don’t skip these upgrades.

The certain soldiers and types of weapons will own some of the elements which contain special properties. As a result, each of them causes the devastation for the opposing forces according to his individual way. Let’s take advantage of this function to better deal with the enemies.

Tips for winning the game First, it’s strongly advised that the players need to carefully observe each of the maps to define the right directions of the enemies. After that, wisely send the soldiers to the battlefield and use the suitable weapons to balance both defense and offense. Further, strategically manage your army to exploit weaknesses of your enemies. Good luck!

How to play

Use the left mouse or the arrow keys to move the battlefields.

Use the left mouse to choose levels, send troops to the battlefield and purchase upgrades.


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