Age of War 3

Age of War 3If you are fond of Age of War and Age of War 2, it’s impossible for you miss Age of War 3. It’s a strategy game that you are going to fight against alien invaders. You start Age of War 3 in the Stone Age which you only have a base and limited money. You must think before spending money buying and upgrading buildings as well as turrets so they can both create more powerful units quickly and defend effectively.

The game consists of 4 levels of difficulty: easy, normal, hard and insane. Whether which one you choose, you must survive and defeat aliens. Money plays an important role in this game, so you are supposed to gain money first with Gatherers. The Gatherers can transform water into money. Hence, after clicking on your base, you click on the tier one time. Money should be used to build turrets in order to defend your base. Creating a turret is easy by selecting you base. Besides building turrets, offensive units are necessary to attack aliens. You make these offensive units by creating an infantry tent first and then selecting your base. During the battle, you pay attention to information about units because some units are good at defeating certain units.

For example, Melee units are regarded as a shield whereas ranged ones attack from a distance. Whenever you knock out units or your units are defeated, you have Experience Points. Experience Points can help you launch a special attack or evolve. Each time you evolve, your units become more powerful and you have a new base as well as other building possibilities. Furthermore, one certain age has one certain special attack. Upgrading improves the power of your troops together with weapons. Age of War 3 has cool sound. Enjoy it! If you are fan of Minecraft games, you can play more Minecraft Games Free Play at here.

How to play

The mouse is used to play Age of War 3.


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