Age Of War 3 Hacked

Age Of War 3 HackedAge of War and Age of War 2, Age of War 3 goes on making you enjoy exciting time. It features free upgrade, plenty of money and surprising cheats, so this strategy game maintains your interest during the fighting and defending. We are sure one thing that it’s difficult for you to finish the game soon. In Age of War 3 Hacked, you are going to defeat aliens and keep yourself alive.

Because money is vital, you may think about ways of earning it. Gatherers take responsibility for making money from water and there are 3 water spots for them to go to. The further the water spot is, the more income you gain. One of the purposes of money is to build up turrets to prevent opponents. Besides defending, you need to create something to attack the enemies such as offensive units by creating an Infantry tent at first.

Descriptions of units are very useful as they provide enough information about strong and weak characteristics of each unit. Therefore, you know when and how to use a specific unit to fight with an enemy unit. For instance, some units like Fronde man work well in air, but some work effectively on the ground. While you are playing Age of War 3, it’s impossible if you don’t know anything about Experience Points. These points are required if you want to evolve or launch a special attack. When you evolve, you receive both a new base and brand new buildings. These new stuffs are more powerful than old ones.

When you face enemies in large groups, throwing Special Attacks may be the best way. There is one type of Special Attack for each age. Even though these Special Attacks are powerful, using them frequently is not advisable. The bar near the bottom of the game shows enough details about the game. Enjoy it!

How to play

Age of War 3 is controlled entirely with the mouse.


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