Age of War 2

Age of War 2The aim of Age of War 2 is the same as that of Age of War; you continue destroying opponents’ base and defending yours. You achieve these missions by building different turrets to prevent opponents and hiring units to attack the opponents’ base. One important factor in this game is evolution. Once you evolve, you have more new units as well as defense tools and become stronger.

There are 4 sections in the HUD: turrets, units, specials, and upgrades. Firstly, after looking at the statistics of each turret and deciding to pick up one, you select a free spot to put it on your tower. The biggest number of tower spots is 4. Turrets can be sold and replaced with a new one. Secondly, selecting units is one of the most important things in this kind of game. There is a brief description of every unit. Some of them are being locked, so reading the description will help you know how to unlock them. Specials area allows you to activate an attack or evolve. Both of interesting effects require XP points which you get from fights.

Special attacks have both advantages and disadvantages. If you use so many special attacks, the process of evolution will be delayed and more powerful opponent units appear. Finally, upgrades make units stronger and these upgrades also require money too. If you spend some time observing, you will recognize that each type of unit is against well with a certain unit. To complete the task successfully, you need to defend and attack. Furthermore, you shouldn’t use too many special attacks since they make you difficult to evolve as well as lose the game. Age of War 2 is a combination of defense and strategy, so there are many interesting things waiting for you to discover.

How to play

Age of War 2 is played with the mouse.


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