Age Of War 2 Hacked

Age Of War 2 HackedAge of War 2 is described as awesome and cool. Why don’t you play Age of War 2 Hacked to check whether other players’ comments are right or not? Age of War 2 mixes strategy with defense game.

Selecting right units in any battles is regarded one of the most important factors to win. Clicking on Units tells you strength and weaknesses, so the short description helps you select units wisely and unlock them.

In addition to Units, another section is Turrets which is not less important than Units. Having some time to look at information about Turrets assists you in deciding to build the most appropriate one. Before building any turrets, you must have an empty spot on the tower; you are allowed to create 4 tower spots.

When you feel a certain turret that isn’t effective any more, selling it by clicking on Sell Turret on the HUD is recommended. Special Attacks can support you in evolving or making an impressive attack. Both of them require XP points. You gain points based on knocking out opponent units or having your own units knocked out. Special Attacks should not be overused because these attacks will prevent the time of evolution.

Hence, you ought to think for a while carefully before using them. Since this game has the features of defense and fighting, keeping a balance between them is necessary. Additionally, upgrading the units is a good way to win faster and move a next age quicker. No units are perfect, so you may select the most appropriate unit to fight against enemy units.

Information about Upgrades, Specials, Turrets, Units and Special Attack is shown at the HUD. If you have played Age of War 1 and this time you are going to Age of War 2, tell us which one you prefer and which characteristics you like most.

How to play

The mouse is used to play this game.


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