Age Of Defense

Age Of DefenseSpend your free time on playing a very cool and fascinating game. It’s assured that you will attain lots of new and awesome things from Age Of Defense. Are you ready to relish fresh experiences? Don’t go anywhere! Tap Start key on the screen and play right away! How to play Age Of Defense? Let us help you! At first, we will talk about the cause and main task so that you can understand what you’re going to do. Okay? A man named Jack found a large number of diamonds. After storing all in his cave, he suddenly faced up to lots of bad men.

They heard about his valuable treasure and decided to come to steal all. Of course, Jack had to protect his cave and treasure at any cost. Well, know about the task, all guys? There is an interesting thing in this game; that is, all the bad men will appear depending on each different period of time. What does it mean? That means players will spend a long battle from the prehistoric age until now. Moreover, the weapons are also updated so that they can be suited in each time. Sounds thrilling and wonderful, right? In reality, this game just gives 3 main kinds of weapons, including Throw, Arrow, and Gun.

When fighting in the prehistoric age, the players just avail Throw. However, don’t feel worried anymore because they are able to upgrade new things for each weapon if they complete every stage successfully. Except from updating new weapons, the players also receive Special Weapons and Special Effects in order to execute the task well. So now, let’s learn how to help Jack decimate the bad men. Bear in mind that Jack will have the limitless number of Throw. Pick up each, aim at the right direction, and hold the mouse to increase the power. Then release the mouse to throw towards those men. Remember to do quickly to attack and defeat all effectively.

Of course, don’t let any man arrive at the cave and attack it. Otherwise, the base’s health will decrease and whenever attaining to the zero, the game will be over. Ah, one more special thing in this game is that the players enable to increase Jack’s power. After each stage, don’t forget to upgrade his endurance, shield, power, and speed at the best level to assail those men efficiently. It’s time to enjoy yourself with Age Of Defense. No time for waiting, all guys! Come on now!

How to play

The chief task to control this game is the mouse.


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