After The Credits

After The Credits

Bill – a wise gunman in Contra Flash – has been returned in his other journey through After The Credits! Which challenges he needs to deal with? Help this hero to save the universe right away!

In the main screen, players must role-play Bill. All they need to handle is to find an efficient way to penetrate into the evil Boss’s area. Why? Well, a beautiful princess has just been kidnapped and locked there. Quickly start the adventure to rescue this poor girl! It is a must to learn how to move, jump, and use the gun! Whenever any deadly creature appears, you should aim and shoot fireballs at them without any hesitation. Otherwise, your character will die soon. Overcome all barriers to proceed to the final stage!

Get ready, huh? Engage in After The Credits and dip self into this thrilling adventure!

How to play

Use the arrow keys for moving around.
Use the Z key to jump.
Use the X key to fire.


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